Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Spread Pool Covers

Pool covers help maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool. It keeps the pool away from different unwanted debris and dirt. It also helps in saving energy. Another thing that a pool cover does is that, it keeps the pool area safe when the pool is not in use. With pool cover, children and pets are far from any danger that an open but unused pool can cause.

It is important that a pool cover is properly spread because if not, it may still not be effective for its purpose. To do this, follow these simple tips:
  • Let the pool cover lay in one edge of the swimming pool. In case that the pool cover is bounced up, fold it lengthwise for it to be easy to pull over the swimming pool.
  • From one edge of the pool, walk to the other side while pulling the pool cover and make sure that the cover is unfurled evenly.
  • Once the pool cover id completely unrolled, lay it on the other side of the pool. Attach the cables and straps that must be used to secure that it will not be blown up by the wind which may cause for it to be damaged.


    1. There are many features included in this Safety Cover including, interlocked, double overlapped seams to provide strength, coping anti-rub strips that won’t mark up your pool edge.Beside all these it is more safer for you.

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    2. when we talk about safety then it strictly means safety vinyl fencing, wood fencing only looks better but does not provide you safety but pool fence does this by providing you safety from pool accidents.