Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Clean Above-Ground Pool Liner

Pool liners give life to your above-ground pool. With this, the pool looks lively and more attractive. More than having a pool liner, maintaining its cleanliness will surely make your pool look splendid. Here are some tips on how to clean your above-ground pool liner:

1. Drain the swimming pool. This is the best way to clean the entire pool liner.

2. Clean the pool liner by using a MILD cleanser and soft scrubbing brush or sponge. Make sure to clean each part of the liner, especially those small sections. Avoid using rough scrub because it may cause damage to the liner.

3. If the liner is extremely dirty, allow the cleanser to stay first in the pool liner for the dirt to be smooth and easy to clean.

4. Attach a submersible pump and drain hose in the center of the pool to pump our water that has been used in cleaning the entire pool.

5. Gently remove the pump and refill the water in the pool. When the pool is filled with water, turn the pool filter on. Let it run for 1-2 days before you add more pool chemicals into it.


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